Friday, 14 September 2012

Skywatch Friday - Virgin Beach, Diu - 14th September, 2012

I have visited  Diu for twice so far, 1st during Diwali holidays last year in 2011 and 2nd, during Summer vacation in June 2012, and both these visits have left unforgettable memories  in my mind. We have had and immense pleasure while exploring the not to mention of the "unexplored virgin beaches" but also taking the joyful  ride to entire city on rented bikes!!! Gone are those wonderful days and those lovely beaches...

Remembering those moments, herewith I am posting a lovely Skywatch Friday picture of one of the virgin beaches taken during our last visit...

Virgin Beach,  Diu

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Adalaj Ni Vav - The Stepwell, Ahmedabad - 9th August 2010

Adalaj Ni Vav - better known as the Adalaj Stepwell is approximately 12 kms. located on the Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway en route to Gandhinagar. The Stepwell was built in the 15th century A.D. by the then Queen Rudabai of Vaghela Dynasty and is now managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, Baroda wing. It is famously known for its beautiful intricate carvings and entry to the stepwell is through three side entrance gates, leading to the mandap comprising of octagonal pillars. The dome shaped pillars are open from roof-top with iron-grill and leads five-storey down to the well which was used for storing water in olden times.

Mandap with octagonal pillars 
The roof-top opening was constructed in such a way that it facilitated sun-light to spread through entire well.

Historical information about the stepwell 
and this picture gives the entire view till end on the first storey:

Entire view till end from 1st Floor

beautiful carvings on the outer walls:


octagonal pillars

Jharokha with pillar carvings

stepping down towards well

Elephants carved on the red-stone walls

Entrance from outside to well

Red-stone carvings on  octagonal  pillars
Inside jharokha

Though this well is half-filled with water, one can see it fully filled up to brim during rainy season; 
Half-filled well

Jharokha with carvings on red stone

The place is a MUST visit for any travel enthusiast and one can get more information on the Gujarat Tourism website before visiting the place or contact me on urvashi dot iyengar at gmail dot com for any help needed. The Adalaj Vav remains open on all week days.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Skywatch Friday - The Beautiful Sunset at Jampore Beach, Daman

This was our maiden trip to Daman in June 2011 and we had stayed at the China Town Hotel at Jampore Beach. It is the lone hotel directly facing the lovely Jampore Beach and we could get the full view of the beach from our room balcony!

There are other beaches also,viz. Devka Beach, but it is absolutely rocky one and one cannot take the pleasure of beach-fun there. However, there is one garden facing Devka Beach where people can sit and look at the lovely sea-waves at sunset time. It has a mini shopping market also where tourists get to see sea-shell made imitation jewellery and lovely beach-ware clothes hanging outside shops among other things.

I am sharing this picture taken during sunset, for Skywatch Friday.

Happy Skywatching!!!


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Travel & Tourism Fair, Ahmedabad, 2012

While I was going through the Times of India, Ahmedabad edition yesterday, my eyes caught this full page advertisement of Travel & Tourism Fair (TTF - as it is called) which is the country's biggest travel and tourism fair being held from 24th till 26th of August 2012, at Gujarat University Exhibition Hall, Ahmedabad.

It is one of the biggest travel fair being organized, wherein different countries of the world like China, Dubai, Nepal, Singapore and many more are taking part. All the states of India along with renowned travel agents are coming together on one platform to showcase their regional art & culture and promote travel and tourism on the global as well as national level. 

This is one of the best move taken up by the States' Tourism Departments and it will surely boost and fetch some more tourists as well as generate revenue to the Government treasury. 

I visited the fair yesterday and saw that all the states had put so much efforts to visualize their tradition, culture, arts, crafts, and the beautifully designed brochures were providing all the required information to the prospective tourists. 

I am posting here some of the pictures I had taken yesterday which will give you the feel of the event. The TTF is going on till the 26th of August and the entry is free for all. A must visit for everyone enthusiastic about travel !


Counter at Gujarat Tourism

Beautifully made earthen-wares on display

Odisha Tourism

Outer View of Odisha Counter

Sculpture at Mukteshwar Temple

Lord Tirupati Balaji Temple Replica

Inside view of replica of Lord Tirupati Balaji Temple

I'll be visiting the event again today and will keep you all updated.

Cheers !

Day 2:

Having visited the event on the first day, it was obvious that I'd be visiting TTF again and there I was with my daughter on the second day...

My daughter was very excited about the event and we both decided to spend our weekend chilling out at the venue.

Here are some more pictures ...

Counter at RTDC

Incredible Rajasthan!

Rajasthan - so colourful and amazing!

Beautifully made Handicraft from Kutchh

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A New Beginning

I have been thinking about writing blogs for quite some time now, however, I don't know, but I could never find enough strength to start writing a new post. I usually blame my office schedule for this, then at times, I used to blame my family life for this but deep inside I always knew that it was fear of rejection which was stopping me from starting off.

Yesterday, while going to bed, I started telling my daughter about one of my blogger friend, Mridula Dwivedi    who is someone I am really envy of and at the same time whom I look up to. As if my daughter was fed up and she literally screamed, "Why in the hell don't you do something in your life?" This was like a wake up call for me and I realized that it was now a high time that I too, start to share my travel experiences with fellow netizens.

This blog is a humble attempt to share my travel experiences with all of you and I do hope that you might find something which may assist you in planning your next vacation.