Thursday, 13 September 2012

Adalaj Ni Vav - The Stepwell, Ahmedabad - 9th August 2010

Adalaj Ni Vav - better known as the Adalaj Stepwell is approximately 12 kms. located on the Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway en route to Gandhinagar. The Stepwell was built in the 15th century A.D. by the then Queen Rudabai of Vaghela Dynasty and is now managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, Baroda wing. It is famously known for its beautiful intricate carvings and entry to the stepwell is through three side entrance gates, leading to the mandap comprising of octagonal pillars. The dome shaped pillars are open from roof-top with iron-grill and leads five-storey down to the well which was used for storing water in olden times.

Mandap with octagonal pillars 
The roof-top opening was constructed in such a way that it facilitated sun-light to spread through entire well.

Historical information about the stepwell 
and this picture gives the entire view till end on the first storey:

Entire view till end from 1st Floor

beautiful carvings on the outer walls:


octagonal pillars

Jharokha with pillar carvings

stepping down towards well

Elephants carved on the red-stone walls

Entrance from outside to well

Red-stone carvings on  octagonal  pillars
Inside jharokha

Though this well is half-filled with water, one can see it fully filled up to brim during rainy season; 
Half-filled well

Jharokha with carvings on red stone

The place is a MUST visit for any travel enthusiast and one can get more information on the Gujarat Tourism website before visiting the place or contact me on urvashi dot iyengar at gmail dot com for any help needed. The Adalaj Vav remains open on all week days.