Thursday, 23 August 2012

A New Beginning

I have been thinking about writing blogs for quite some time now, however, I don't know, but I could never find enough strength to start writing a new post. I usually blame my office schedule for this, then at times, I used to blame my family life for this but deep inside I always knew that it was fear of rejection which was stopping me from starting off.

Yesterday, while going to bed, I started telling my daughter about one of my blogger friend, Mridula Dwivedi    who is someone I am really envy of and at the same time whom I look up to. As if my daughter was fed up and she literally screamed, "Why in the hell don't you do something in your life?" This was like a wake up call for me and I realized that it was now a high time that I too, start to share my travel experiences with fellow netizens.

This blog is a humble attempt to share my travel experiences with all of you and I do hope that you might find something which may assist you in planning your next vacation.